The Mini-lease scheme gives you the benefit of long term rates but with short term commitments. We are able to offer an extensive choice of cars and light commercials on various terms from 1 to 24 months with mileage usage from 10,000 to 40,000 per year. Why tie up your own assets in depreciating vehicles, with no large capital outlay and low simple monthly payments your cash flow will be protected? Because of our vast experience in the rental and leasing industry we are able to search for the best deals offered by manufacturers and dealers and pass them on to you.

Please call our friendly trained staff if you have specific requirements. From the accountant's view the rentals can be 100% tax deductable and because the vehicle is not an asset it will not appear on your balance sheet nor will require depreciating.

  • no long term commitments
  • low rentals
  • brand new and nearly new vehicles
  • flexible terms
  • maintenance options available
  • no large capital outlay
  • breakdown cover included

Our Mini-lease scheme is an ideal solution for :-

  • new businesses
  • new/temporary staff
  • pre contract cars
  • to cover seasonal fluctuations in your business patterns
  • replacements for existing/older vehicles
  • temporary additions to pool car fleets

Please call our friendly trained staff now on 01952 884400 for more details on our great offers or for a no obligation quote.